Lancaster Helpful Honda Hotline Testimonials

"Honda Lancaster has done the impossible! Our lives were changed by a terrible accident & Honda helped us to put ourselves back together. This has been such a blessing and now our lives can get back to normal. We are so thankful to Nikki & the team for working so hard for us!! We love our new car!!"

The Garrido Family

"Thank you to everyone at Helpful Honda for helping us out when we needed it most. We really appreciate it more than you know. Honda Lancaster you are the best!"

Heather Borquez

"Thank you to Honda Lancaster and Helpful Honda for giving me a helping hand when I really needed it. Thank you Nikki for making a friend out of me from our first phone call. Thank you Scott for helping me into a car. Thank you John for being so easy to work with, and Kerri for making everything go smoothly. You all have made me a Happy Honda Customer for life!"

April Fair

"The Helpful Honda dealers have been extremely caring towards me and my situation. They have gone above and beyond by helping me get a new car! I couldn't be more appreciative of the people here. They are the nicest and most passionate people. I really felt like I was taken care of and they really listened to me. Thank You Helpful Honda dealers for being so generous to me!"

Kristina Keufos

"It was a dream I never thought would come true, but thanks to Nikki & Sandy, I am finally in LOVE with my car! Nikki is the sweetest person as well as most helpful and honest. I am so glad to have had the honor to be introduced to her. My family has been buying from Honda for years and I can honestly say that I will continue on with the tradition. Thank You Honda Lancaster, Nikki & Sandy for my out of this world 2016 Honda Civic!"

Kevin T. Willis II

"I am extremely grateful to Nikki and the Honda Team. They were extremely helpful and courteous. I have never experienced such sincere honesty and love. Thank you for all you do. I will be coming back here for my next car!"

Alysia Gastelum

"I had the best experience ever with Honda, I'm so thankful to the whole Honda Team for such great customer service. My biggest thanks goes to Nikki, for her hard work. Thank you all so much!"

Jennifer Elhawary

"God Bless the crew at Honda Lancaster. They got me a beautiful car and low monthly payment. Thanks Helpful Honda!"

Gireshila Haynes

"When times got toughest for me, Helpful Honda stepped in to save the day. Thank you Honda Lancaster!"

John Patrick Walsh

"I just want to Thank Honda for changing my life and allowing me to buy a car in a time of my life of great loss. Honda cars have always been great, now I know the owner is just as great and generous! Thank you Honda Lancaster, Helpful Honda, Sandy and Nikki!"

Luisa Lueranos

"Helpful Honda has blessed us! They made it possible for us to have a reliable car!"

Ana & Jayme Day

"Nikki made it happen! Thanks a lot Honda Lancaster!"

William Morris

"No matter how hard your childhood was, you have the choice to make your family's future better, and Thanks to Helpful Honda we are reminded of that."

Shelina C.

"Thank you Helpful Honda! It was such a surprise when you showed up at my graduation with a $1500 scholarship."

Jasmine Chavez
Knight High School

"Oh my God!! Nikki was so wonderful. Even brought the car home, I can't believe how great EVERYBODY was. I can't believe the fantastic deal I got - Even Free oil changes - Woo Hoo!"

Cathy MacDaniel
"How helpful is our Honda Lancaster? AWESOME! I just bought the vehicle I wanted for an awesome price. I am so thankful! They are like family, everyone wants to help. Thank you everyone at Honda Lancaster."

Barbara Franklin

"This Honda dealership is now like family - I love my Honda. #1 in the A.V."

Grace Alvarado

  (From left to right, Virgelina Moreno and Terilynn of Lancaster Honda,
  delivered food for Antelope Valley Seniors.
"I am very grateful and thanking you very much for your kindness. I congratulate Honda Lancaster for being generous with elders of the Antelope Valley and providing us with a great Thanksgiving meal."

Virgelina Moreno
"Thank you Honda Lancaster for a very special Thanksgiving for myself and my daughter. We really appreciate your help!"

Maria Taylor
"Thank you Honda Lancaster I am so blessed. I am beyond grateful to have my air conditioner and heater in my van fixed."

 Tiffany Lister


 "I found myself financially in a dark place, but my    trust in Lord has opened windows, I had to just put    may faith in God. I found myself with limited assets    and unlimited debt. The one asset I had to liquidate    was my husband's Big Red Truck, and his "baby."      Having no idea how to go about selling a truck and    after running several scenarios through my mind,      window opened.

 On Monday, 10/17/14 I met with Honda Lancaster I      was overwhelmed by their concern for my situation.    After appraising the truck at $7,500.00, they                  offered to give me a check for $10,000. Their    generosity, care, and concern were overwhelming    to me. It did not stop there, they offered to pay for    all the maintenance for the Civic. Their kindness and compassion for my situation will never be  forgotten. Honda Lancaster thank you so much, this truly is a time of Thanksgiving."

  Jo Ann McPeek

"Thank you Honda Lancaster for helping me feed my family and giving us a Thanksgiving to remember."

Kathleen McKenzie

"Thank you helpful Honda! For helping me with my Down Payment. And let's not forget The Excellent Customer Service!"

Alterstine Lawrence
"After being laid off recently from my job, I called the Helpful Honda Hotline. They helped me trade my current lease to new lease that was a bit more affordable, till I can get back on my feet. Many thanks to Honda Lancaster."

Edith Torres
 "Thank you Honda Lancaster for  assisting me in receiving my new  tires during the holiday's season,  which means the most to myself and  the family." 

 Albert Becerril 
"The Lancaster Helpful Honda dealer "Rocks!" They helped me with my bad car issue and were wonderful with my situation. I am grateful to them!"

Cesca Gronseth
"Big thanks to Honda Lancaster and the Helpful Honda Staff, you are such a blessing."

Kelsea Anderson
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 "The Helpful Honda people are great, its true, just like on TV. They are all great people and I would come back in a flash. Thank you Honda Lancaster."

Nanette Durrett